California and Dirt People
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2009-04-28 20:17:40 UTC
When we worked in the locked mental facility, our boss was an
interesting study in mental health, herself.
I knew, from the interview, that my boss was no better off than
many of the patients that I'd be dealing with.
Nothing brought it home more clearly than her concern for
cleanliness. This was not a normal or typical concern for
cleanliness, but a full-out obsession. On occasion she would
feel the need to go through a patient's closet to see if they had
enough clothes. Before even going into their rooms, she would
don a disposable gown. Before she opened the closet doors, she
would snap on some latex gloves, for fear that she might actually
make contact with some form of dust or dirt.
Here in the Gay Area, this is a completely rational approach when
dealing with the dregs.

I have no idea why she was going through their closets, but anyone
poking around in a closet used by the various addicts, queers, and
dregs should be concerned about what will stick her (needles, razor
blades), what diseases may be lingering, and just the general filth of
the skanks and dregs.

I'd only poke around with a stick, in other words.
One time, there was a patient huddled up in a corner of the hall,
wrapped in a blanket and trying to be as small as possible to the
world. She and Kathy were walking by on their way someplace.
Kathy said "Don't you just want to hug him?"
Our boss shuddered visibly and said "EWWWWW! No!"
Besides being a recycled story from some months back, your boss was
fully reasonable. That Kathy would want to hug some lice-infested,
shit-encrusted blanket person is .... typical.

Some of these blanket people infest the downtown Santa Cruz bookstores
(probaby other places, like the coffee houses, but I don't visit those
places). They stink up the chairs, leaving a reek of unwashed bodies
and, bluntly, fecal matter. I have thought about carrying a spray can
of Lysol with me, but mostly I have just decided that sitting in the
chairs is no longer an option.
Do ya recognize that all of the "evil" germs out there are pretty
much evenly dispersed everywhere, yet really relatively few
people catch the plethora of diseases available to just
I guess you don't follow the news on AIDS, TB, and new forms of VD.

Nor, apropos of HP Jeannie's point about food workers holding diapered
babies as they prepare food, do you follow the reports of people dying
from e. coli outbreaks.

(One of the recent cases was of someone who died after eating fresh
salsa prepared in a Redwood City Mexican restaurant. The vector was
traced to an immigrant worker with, to put it politely, less than
pristine notions of personal hygiene and hand-washing behavior, who was
chopping up and handling the salsa ingredients. Those e. coli bugs
belong in your gut, or your baby's gut, not on your hands, and not in

Good to know you and Kathy like the idea of hugging the shit-caked
blanket people. Just don't double dip the chips next time you call
another of your "going away" scruzfests.

--Tim May
2009-04-28 21:02:58 UTC
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--Tim May
Good to see you back, Tim. I see that you've bee using your time well.
The whole problem with the world is that fools and fanatics are always so
certain of themselves, but wiser people so full of doubts.
-- Bertrand Russell
2009-04-30 02:48:48 UTC
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--Tim May
Good to see you back, Tim. I see that you've bee using your time well.
If he's not an addict, then he's being paid

If an addict then probably every one of his pushermans was on vacation

or maybe his bosses


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The cause of global warming is also it's solution.
This is fascinating because it is completely contradictory to what
the feds are trying to do
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M. K. ~ e-glob, Washington, DC
~ http://haplifnet.blogspot.com [US+EU Community]
- transatlantic daily -
. Eurovision Song Contest
Eurovision has started. The Georgians have made some interesting history
this regard.
The chorus of the song, 'We don't wanna put in the negative move, it's
killing the groove', has been widely interpreted as making a mockery
of Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin. "No lyrics, speeches,
gestures of a political or similar nature shall be permitted during
the Eurovision Song Contest," state the EBU rules...
yeah because Put In was in the sentence.
Wow what an insult
Poor Putin.
As if no one has said anything critical of him before
I am glad that he doesn't live in a democracy he's managed to suppress
own country's criticisms of himself
but that's a comment that's off target because it obviously has little or
nothing to do with anyone or anything other than life in general
how foolish
Really sad! It's been such an appealing group!
. HuffPost Blog
Tim Geithner, CNBC, and the
Second Coming of Known Unknowns
(Arianna | Huffington Post, New York)
FrankKalder comment: [...]
Politicians will say lots of things in the coming weeks, but they
should be pushed relentlessly to address the bottom-line question: Do
they believe that a fairer distribution of capitalism's bounty is
essential to repairing a sick economy? Everything else is a subsidiary
Obama cleared the way for a big debate on inequality by getting rid of
many budget gimmicks from the last eight years. He doesn't pretend
that the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan are side deals independent of
the overall spending picture. He projects the budget outlook 10 years
down the road, getting away from the Bush administration's habit of
cutting off our line of vision at five years. And to avoid any
negative impact now, he postpones his substantial tax increases until
As a result, Obama does not predict that he will eliminate the deficit
anytime soon, and he also admits that the federal government will
grow, modestly, as a share of the total economy even beyond the
current emergency. After this moment's big spike - necessary to get
the economy moving - federal spending will account for 22.8 percent of
the economy between 2010 and 2014, up from 21 percent in 2008.
. Evolution & Far East Culture
. Name's Origin | Russian Women
I meant the Police Song: "Roxanne You don't have to turn on the
red light"
As counterpoint, I also offer the following book
Quite interesting for women, I'd suppose. Have you read it?
Not at all, my first exposure was purely random hit for another question
had googled.
Ah !
. Mardi Gras Beads
Here are some samples http://www.toomeys-mardigras.com/custom.htm
I like the colored ones.
The beads and so on are sold at this place and it's pretty famous
Fascinating website!
They haven't completed the merchandising portion of the website but this
apparently the most famous.
The people on the ground have a harder time catching beads.
You sort of just have to stick your hands up and hope that the
float riders throw something your way.
Wow, like hunting & sporting.
Indeed, it's addictive.
. Bras Solution
Btw, I tv-saw Pam together with Vivienne Westwood on a Paris catwalk
Funny stuff !
I figured you'd recognize the bounder and my attempt to offer a
with those bras.
damn I meant BOUNCER
but what about dogs
Chimps won't do a neighbor a favor
Oct. 26, 2005
Special to World Science
Long ago were the days, it seems, when we humans could consider ourselves
truly unique.
With chimps and other animals having been found to exhibit a range of
human-like traits-including tool use, culture and some elements of
language-it's gotten harder and harder for scientists and philosophers to
say just what sets us apart.
Finally, there may be some news to make us feel special again.
Researchers say they may have found one key trait that clearly separates
humans from chimps, and possibly from other species: we're the only ones
that do favors without expecting something in return.
Chimps don't show this sort of consideration, the researchers found.
To be sure, they have been found to exhibit signs of empathy. Chimps help
family members, for example, and sometimes console victims of aggression.
But outside of these special situations, according to the scientists,
chimps will let neighbors cast for themselves.
Joan Silk of the University of California, Los Angeles and colleagues
conducted a study that they said confirmed this, showing chimps are
uninterested in doing a friend a good turn, even at no cost to
The researchers presented captive chimps with a device that gave them a
choice between two options. The chimp could choose to serve only itself
with food, or it could select an option that gave it the same food, but
also resulted in food being delivered to another chimpanzee.
The chimpanzees were no more likely to choose the second option, even
though they could see that it would help a friend at no inconvenience to
themselves, the researchers said.
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