R.I.P Front Street Pub ?!?!?!?
(too old to reply)
2015-08-14 02:43:25 UTC
I used to ride my bike past that place to go and play beach volleyball every Saturday, and on the way back down some of their fantastic Amber Ale. That was back in the mid-80's while attending UCSC.
2016-05-21 22:27:10 UTC
Sought out this place back in '90 while on vacation with two buddies. Brew pubs were a new thing to us east-coasters so it was cool seeking this one out. Stopped in mid day on a weekday when it wasn't crowded and had blast. I had my new canon hi-8 video cam with me so I have some footage someplace... Anyway, sad to read its long gone. I actually remember their stout, which definitely was the first brewpub stout I ever had. Maybe because a video recorder the pour ; ) Shoulda bought a shirt...
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