Our Heavenly Mother 4-12-03
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2011-01-11 16:17:04 UTC
Our Heavenly Mother says,
"The Soul is to one day be returned to The Creator, because It is a
Portion of Him."

ON APRIL 12,2003 AT 11:06 A.M.


“I am your Heavenly Mother.

The little one is always ready for Us to speak. We All smile at
this because in her love for The Father, and All Here in the Heavens,
her wish is to be obedient above all things.

As an instrument of The Father’s Love, He chose one who He knew
would not resist or reject the manner in which He would decree, would
and could be His Communication at this time with all ages of human
life, all backgrounds, and all degrees of belief in Him.

I hold her tightly for she is more fragile physically than it
appears to be, and as I speak she innately is concerned, even worried
that she will not repeat exactly what We Will for others to learn
about regarding their Soul. The Soul is to one day be returned to The
Creator, because It is a Portion of Him.

Millions who hear these Words or read the Words cannot find it in
themselves, cannot associate their being so close, physically or
mentally, to The Creator of All Things. The time will come and they
will one day see the reality in What they were told at another time.

All that is passed through one small voice is Far Greater in
Meaning, in Instruction and Divine Love, than is understood by human
beings. The Father’s manner of doing things should never be
questionable because, do not forget, He created all things. Though He
is pictured in statuary form and in film pictures, nothing has the
ability to capture the Magnitude of What He Is in appearance, or in
how they can associate the sight of Him with human life as it is.

The world has been blessed abundantly because in each human life,
no matter what the background is, they possess a Portion of the
Creator, thus giving to life more than human life understands it to

The beat of the heart, the purpose for the lungs and the blood,
has a purpose beyond what the human mind fully perceives it to be, but
the design of human life was designed by The Creator of All Things,
and this statement is often dismissed or forgotten and it should never
be, because the mentality of human life would not be able to
understand the Greatness in Divine Love, because The Father’s Love for
human life is beyond human understanding.

I will close My Words, but as I do, I have a smile upon My Face,
and I am grateful for those who believe in All that is given to them,
and their desire to please The Father mentally, emotionally, morally.”

Saint Joseph's Hill Of Hope
Brea, California 92822 U.S.A.
All Revelations are delivered spontaneously
and continuously as witnessed by all those present at the time.
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Saint Joseph's Hill Of Hope
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