California Debt and Deficit Debacle
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Borked Pseudo Mailed
2008-02-29 07:55:12 UTC
“California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger ordered state
agencies to stop hiring and scrap new equipment purchases
as part of a plan to save $100 million this year and help
close a budget shortfall… The order follows lawmakers'
Feb. 15 passage of measures to cut about $1 billion from
this year’s budget as revenue growth slows…

“California’s budget deficit widened to $16 billion as
the housing slump and higher energy costs cut tax revenue,
the state’s fiscal analyst said. The deficit is $2 billion
larger than what Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger predicted
in January… Fitch Ratings has warned that California’s
credit ratings on $49 billion of debt are in danger.”

“California, the biggest borrower in the U.S. municipal
bond market, will replace $1.25 billion of auction-rate
bonds with traditional debt after a series of auction
failures nationwide sent rates soaring.”

As an anarchist, this is indeed good news! Perhaps the
state of California will rot. Niggers and Mexcrement don't
need state services anyway. They should go find work for a
Bob Fry
2008-03-01 01:43:55 UTC
Moron> <Mexicans> don't
Moron> need state services anyway. They should go find work for a
Moron> change.

While I rarely respond to these bigoted trolls...I wonder what planet
this trogledyte is on. Who does he think does all the hard work in
California...white guys?? Not any place I've seen.
The wise man will love; all others will desire.
~ Afranius
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